The future of electric transportation is here.


Movement Evolved.


We’ve spent the last few years engineering a new kind of bike. We’ve reimagined movement from the ground up to bring you something unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Presenting the OSLO.

The Oslo is what it would look like if Apple designed e-bikes.
— Andrew J. Hawkins, The Verge
The Oslo rides like a bike but has a throttle like a scooter, and is designed to get people who are skeptical of cycling out of their cars.
— Adele Peters, Fast Company
The time is ripe for a product like the OSLO to reframe some of the faltering narratives around electric vehicles and micromobility...
— Edward Niedermeyer, The Drive
I’m on year 3 of the Karmic and love it. Best bike I’ve had. I seriously have used it to commute all over LA and most of the time on the Westside it’s faster than a car.
— Michael B., Los Angeles

A modern bike for everyone.